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Softball and quotes

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Pony Nationals. Cary, North Carolina 2012. Long Island team played Bahamas Team.

Pony Nationals. Cary, North Carolina 2012. Long Island team played Bahamas Team.

erm this is the submission i was talking about the other day

it’s just a blank read more…it was submitted by erinmassmann24

also is anyone else with missing e having problems publishing asks? I had to disable it before I could publish asks=/

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First off, i love your blog. :) & I need some advice. I play on a travel team, with all of my friends who i’ve grown up with and have known forever. Which is great. At a recent tournament, a coach from my team’s rival talked to my parents saying that he wants me on his team. I already told my current coach that i would be on his team again next season because i didnt think i would get any other offers. Both teams offer different things for me to get better. What should I do? :(

adkjfsdk thanks!

hmm well I guess it would depend on the things they offered to help you get better. It is great and really fun to stick with your friends but if the other team offers more playing time, or a higher caliber of play, or something along those lines that will really help you get better, then I would definitely consider switching. It is nice to stick with your friends but if you want to continue playing in college or just get better in general then this could be a good opportunity to improve yourself.

hope I helped some! message me again if you need more advice!

I sent the thing on how i was thinking about trasnferring. I do know people that go to there. Before school ended i had talked to one of the coaches at my school  and he said just becuz ill be a senior doesnt mean ill play and the head coach would let me play every 4th  game and some of the girls in the past years were mean to me for no reason. and i want to play after high school if i get a scholorship.  and when i think about the being at the other school i can picture myself there playing for them. im still confused. :/

first I would like to say I’m sorry for taking so long to reply! I haven’t had time to get on a computer at all!

In regard to softball: You know that you’re going to get to play way more than you would, and no one really wants to sit the bench their senior year (or any year, really) and it also doesn’t sound like your current team dynamic is very supportive (not saying that it’s not, but teammates should never be mean to each other, whether you like each other or not). It sounds like you’ll have a lot more fun playing if you switch schools, and that’s what is important when it comes to softball. And obviously, if you play more, you’re more likely to be seen and recruited.

I don’t know how you feel about switching when it comes to actual academics and friends and stuff, but if you know people there and you would still see your other friends, then it could still be a good idea to switch.

again, sorry taking so long!!

This year I’m going to be a senior in high school and my parents want me transfer to a different school so I would be the starting pitcher for them since I didn’t play much this past season for school. I don’t know what I should

hmm this is a tough one since it involves more than softball.

if you stayed at your current school would you get a lot of playing time this next year? sometimes seniors get to play more because, well, because they’re seniors.

are you going to go to college to play softball or are you hoping to get recruited as a pitcher? if so, it would probably be better to switch so that you get the pitching time and have more of an opportunity to be spotted by recruiters.

do you have friends at the new school? you don’t want to ruin your senior year for the sake of a spot on a team (as good as that spot may be). your senior year should be your best year and you should spend it with your friends. also since you’ve spent the last couple years with the team at your current school, it would probably be more fun to spend your senior year with them!

if it were me, I wouldn’t switch. my team and I were really close which was one of the main reasons why my senior season was so fun=)

I hope this helps at least some. sorry for the late reply I was at my birthday dinner and just got home! if you need more advice or help just message me again!=)

anyone else have any advice for her?

EDIT: some more advice