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Leave It All On The Field
Leave It All On The Field

Softball and quotes


what are your superstitions/traditions before/during a game?

  1. modernsuitcase answered: i’m a pitcher, and before every inning our 3rd bace comes into the circle and draws a heart with her foot.<3
  2. killmycuriosity answered: my coach washes his hands with the cooler water before every game, an dries his hands on one of our players LOL
  3. simonenicoleee answered: im a second basement..every time we do a throw down and after we high five everyone
  4. m0on-m0on answered: We always throw with the same people, and hit in the same nets. And I have to weart the whole uniform no matter how hot it is
  5. icantbeheldd0wn answered: i don’t step on the chalk and the bats can NEVER be crossed.
  6. inbetweenthefoullines answered: We get in a circle and talk and joke around. To loosen everybody up so no one is nervous or stressed about the game
  7. chocolatecoffeeandbooks answered: if i start a game with sunglasses on then they have to stay on until the last play. also once i pick a spot to stand in dugout i have to stay
  8. lezbefriendsyay answered: When we call time to talk to the pitcher I make sure to say a joke at the end to loosen everyone up! and I gotta do it for my own sake lol
  9. cafeteriahandjob answered: well, when we put the bats out for the umpires, they can’t be crossed and we have to sing the national anthem when it plays xD
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